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refugees-can is a dear-to-our-heart initiative which eases the integration of refugees on the labour market. In the last couple of weeks we therefore adjusted our job board technically in order to enable a seperate listing of refugee-friendly jobs.

Employers can post refugee-friendly jobs free of charge. This enables refugees with a work permit to quickly and regionally search for vacancies of their interest. In order to ease this process for the majority of the refugees we translated our website into English and optimised it for mobile devices such as smart phones etc.

We believe in the high importance of integrating refugees in the labour market which situates a chance not only for the refugees, but for us as well. We therefore offer a platform in order the great demand for apprecantices and skilled workers oft he German labour market to meet with the refugees need to work and earn a fair wage.

Our job board releases the service in the beginning of October.

How do I post a job? Am I allowed to work in Germany? Scroll down for further information.

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We are very pleased that you are interested in the topic jobs for refugees and/or refugees can!. We understand that one sometimes faces natural concerns and prejudices. Thus, we tried to answer the typical questions that may occur before the posting of a refugee-friendly job.

Are refugees allowed to work?

Of course they are. It depends on the status of asylum what kind of employment refugees are permitted to take. Here you can find an overview of the different kinds of asylum status and the rights that are connected with it (in German only):

Source: Flchtlingsrat Niedersachsen e.V., ERSTINFOS fr Asylsuchende, S. 13

Tipp 1: Make sure that the job description points out clearly that applicants have to send a written confirmation of their asylum status and their background enclosed to their application. Both sides avoid misunderstandings from the very beginning of the hiring process.

Tipp 2: If German language skills are not or nearly not required, you should write the job description in English.

Tipp 3: Mention the language requirements in your job description the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a good indiactor.

Do good!!

Support the integration of refugees! Give a new citizen a new place to work, receive the benefits of motivated new employees and do something good for society! It is a classical win-win situation for both sides, after all.

Your advantages
  • Get a free job posting instead of up to EUR 399,- you pay nothing if your job offer is suitable for refugees
  • Large coverage your ad is visible not only on but also on more than 50 partner job boards
  • Easy handling Send us your recruitment ad as PDF-, HTML- or Word-file via email to and we will do the rest for you. Of course this posting service is also free of charge
  • Find the right candidate with our detailed job categorization regarding the industry, job type, field of activity, duration of working hours, etc. you can find the right candidate for your vacancy
Post your job for free!

refugees can! is a dear-to-our-heart project for! Thats why on our job board you can post your refugee-friendly jobs for free.

It`s very simple!

Yes, I want to post a job how can I do that?
Place the refugees can!-employer seal in your ad and specify the required level of language skills. Use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) under This minimal requirement is necessary for your free posting. You can download the media kit with our employer seal and the refugees can!-button here Send us your job ad as a HTML-, PDF or Word-file via email to Then we will post your ad on our site. Your this is how your ad could look like:

Do something good and talk about it! You are allowed to use the employer seal without any restrictions in all kinds of media, for free, worldwide, for all times and for your complete company public relations as long as it is not manipulated or diverted from its intended use.

By the way if your job search was successful and you found the right candidate, you can contact us via email or phone and the job posting will be deleted.

In which areas you can deploy refugees or asylum seekers? Here are some examples:

  • Skills shortage Our new citizens can be well educated
  • Open vacancies Find a new target group and fill your job vacancy faster
  • Foreign languages check/make translations or offer your technical support in the mother tongue of the new employee. It`s a benefit for your foreign clients!
  • Company language Is your office language not German or are there just a basic German skills required? Then nearly every job is suitable for qualified refugees
  • Jobs with lower qualification level get access to applicants that are top-motivated to improve their living standard, to be employed and to be integrated.

For detailed information how you can employ refugees, you can find a guide of the chamber of commerce in Hamburg under the following link:

Welcome to Germany. In order to get you started in your new life, we have presented to you the first steps of a successful integration. In any case, please pay attention to the following advises during your stay:

1. Status ( Residence status )

At the very beginning of your stay, you will receive a residence status by the German authorities. This status depends on your personal situation and on the process of your asylum application. It may also change over time. The status determines what you can do (for example work or travel). Therefore it is very important for you to know about your status details at any time.

2. Documents

All relevant documents, such as your residence status, will be issued to you in writing. It is very important for you to have these documents at each appointment with the authorities and at any official occasion. Please make copies of the documents or ask the authorities to do so.

3. Consultation

If you have questions, you can find help in your area. In each reception center (Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung) social workers will be happy to advise you on the main issues. We also have compiled some interesting information for you. Of course you can inform yourself on the internet. You can find some interesting links in the text below. We wish you success!

Five steps to a successful integration

Step 1: Get in touch with an authority in your area

Theoretically you can report to any authority and submit an application. We advise you against an application at the police. You should better get in touch with an outpost of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees Bundesamt fr Migration und Flchtlinge (BAMF). You will be redirected to your following residence (Reception Centre) - Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung (EAE).

Step 2: Moving into the reception center Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung and application for asylum

You will stay between two weeks and three months at the center. During this time the official application will be made at an outpost of BAMF. Also you will be given a date for your personal hearing with BAMF. This hearing is the basis for the subsequent decision on your application for asylum. It is the most important appointment in your asylum procedure. Here you can find some details to the asylum procedure (German and English):

Step 3: Waiting Period with Aufenthaltsgestattung Temporary allowance of permit

Sometimes it lasts long until a decision is made about your asylum application. During that period you will have already gotten an Aufenthaltsgestattung, so you can get started:

a) 1st. 3rd. month after arrival: You are not allowed to work, yet. It is also forbidden to do an apprenticeship, an internship or any voluntary services. Educational trainings, studies at the university (if there is no study ban for you) and self-financed German lessons are allowed! (Minors have to go to school in the most states).

b) 4th. 15th. month after arrival: You can work now (activity as an employed person). A priority check by the employment agency is required (Vorrangprfung). The employment agency will also check the working conditions. Such a priority check is usually not necessary, if you are highly qualified or if you want to work for relatives. Search online for priority check (Vorrangprfung) or visit this link for further information. (German)

c) From the 16th. month after arrival: You can work without a priority check. The agency still needs to check the working conditions. In any case, a work permit must be applied. Independent work is not permitted to you with Aufenthaltsgestattung!

d) From the 49th month after arrival: Every employment is permitted to you.

Step 4: Decision on your application

a) Permit of residence (Aufenthaltsgenehmigung)
If you get a permit of residence, you also immediatly receive a work permit. Independent work is allowed. You dont need any application. (In case, if your asylum has been admitted)

b) Toleration suspention of deportation (Duldung)
Your asylum procedure is finished and you didnt receive a permit of residence, but you have received a status of a tolerance (Duldung).

  • (1) You can immediately do an apprenticeship, an internship or a voluntary service with that
    status. Highly qualified employment and working for relatives is also permitted!
  • (2) 1st. 3rd. month after arrival: You are not allowed to work. (See point above for the exceptions)
  • (3) 4th. 15th. month after arrival: You can work now (activity as an employed person). A priority check by the employment agency is required (Vorrangprfung). The employment agency will also check the working conditions. Such a priority check is usually not necessary, if you are highly qualified or if you want to work for relatives.
  • (4) From the 16th. month after arrival: You can work without a priority check. The agency still needs to check the working conditions. In any case, a work permit must be applied.
  • (5) Independent work is not permitted.
  • (6) The foreigners' registration office can impose a working ban on you under certain circumstances.

Step 5: Make an integration course

The people, whose asylum application was approved, as well as people with a refugee's status, are entitled to a free integration course. You can find suitable offers

If you do not belong to the named group of persons, there is also the possibility to participate in various courses. Get more information:

Recognition of Qualifications
You can also get information at information centers about the recognition of your qualifications and diplomas.

You have a work permit, your qualifications were recognised and you have succeeded with your integration course? Then visit and find the perfect job. Good luck and again, welcome!

Achieving more together

Refugees need us! Support our project and give refugees a chance to become a part of our society. Any support is valuable.

What can I do?

The initiative "refugees can!" and we gain energy from every multiplier:

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  • Motivate family, friends, bosses, your hairdresser etc.
  • Activate your personal and professional network
  • Place a link on your site (at best, with our refugees can"-button)
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Your reach can be a critical factor in helping our project "refugees can!" to work. As a job market for young people we believe to be suited to provide jobs for refugees, helping them to start to work.

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Each multiplier supports our project. We are very grateful for every assistance. The refugees need any support.

Logos and texts

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